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Yoga Heaven in Ubud

Jumat, 18 Desember 2015 – 23:26 WIB
Yoga Heaven in Ubud - JPNN.COM
Bali has been the top list of yoga destination. Amongst other places in Bali, Ubud is one of the favorites. Photo: Document of JPNN

YOGA is considered to be one of the best mental, spiritual and physical relaxing therapies. Using Hinduism teachings of becoming one with nature and God, yoga has become very popular in India and Thailand. It is so popular that many types of yoga continuously appear. People start coming to India and Thailand for their spiritual tourism.

Indonesia, in fact, also has a beautiful spot which becomes yoga spiritual centre. It is Ubud in Bali. With its beauty, Ubud is potential to be favourite destination of world yoga lovers.

It is easy to reach Ubud. You just need to book a flight to Denpasar, Bali. There are lots of airlines which have flight route to Denpasar, but Lion Air is an airline with the most frequent flight to Denpasar. It is also easy to book a ticket, just use Traveloka application or its official web.

Ubud, the Healing village

The streets of Ubud are very clean. The local residents diligently make lots of handy-crafts. Paintings, wood carvings, sculptures, kites, and unique and traditional musical instruments are beautifully shown in shops. The shops are surrounded by many cafes, restaurants and inns. Foreign and domestic tourists blend together well. Most of them walk with hats and backpacks.

That is Ubud village. The village is the heaven for yoga lovers. Indian styled shops selling various yoga equipments are special things found in Ubud village. Many tourists often go around wearing yoga special suit. Almost all restaurants in Ubud serves vegetarian menu which is enjoyed most by yoga practitioners.

Spiritual, mysticism, and romanticism were densely felt. Original, calm and reserved natures, with traditional communities make Ubud the correct place for healing, physically or spiritually. Ubud was from a word “Ubad” which means medicine.

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